Blooming Romance!

An old lady must speak to her plants for them to grow so she can sell them to go to spaghetti dinner with her hubby!

This game was made in 48 hours as a part of Global Game Jam 2023! For more jam games like this check out

Game Instructions!

Use WASD to move around!

use the mouse to click and open your notebook in the top left corner. 

Inside your notebook, you can click on the buy button to purchase a seed. 

Walk over to a seed bed to plant it! once it's been watered talk to the plant, keeping in mind what it likes to hear from your notebook. If you say the right things the plant might just grow and pop you some more coins!

Have fun and thanks for playing!!

Writing by Hayley Tantau

Art by Dale Anderson

Programming by Matthew Jackson

Design by all of us :)


Freeplay 31 MB


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I wasn't able to get the daisy to give coins. it grew but nothing happened ^-^; i tried giving it positive affirmations, like "good job!" and "you're doing great"

Ah hmmm that's odd maybe the back end broke? I'll give it a look!

Heyo, I have removed the AI response checker so all the plants are significantly more dopey now but the game should be working again :) 


it's working now!

Thanks for following up!