Crisis, What Crisis?

The cruise ship, Lazy Lulu, with 2,500 passengers and crew, has gone ‘quiet’ while in the Caribbean – the last message heard from the ship was ‘Captain, I’m an engineer, not a miracle worker!’

(This local 2 player game is a fun educational tool for learning about PR and Journalism practices in a crisis! Funded by Swinburne. )

To control the game when you get to the quiz section:

Left side use W & S to navigate up and down and press SPACE to lock in a choice. 

Right side uses Up Arrow and Down Arrow to navigate and hit ENTER to lock in a choice. 


Crisis, What Crisis - 59 MB


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Really cool game! Love it!
But at first I pressed the game to play it by myself. But then I noticed it was like a 2 player game! But you havent placed that information in the introduction - thats a good idea! 

haha thanks for playing! It's still a WIP at the moment but the final version should be up and about soon :)